Land Clearing Can Be Dangerous – Trust The Professionals

Land clearing efficiently and safely can be difficult without the right skills and equipment which is why we’re Dubbo’s preferred land clearing contractors; with over a decade of experience in tree maintenance, stump removal and land clearing; we offer a highly experienced team of contractors and a complete range of machinery to tackle any land clearing task.

With a focus on industry best practice, Outback Tree Services works with our clients to ensure there’s minimal environmental damage experienced while clearing and we utilise a blend of our own expertise and landholder consultation to ensure the best outcomes. Our focus is on minimising erosion and we can provide advice on how to best implement land clearing plans to adhere to guidelines and legislation.

Dubbo Land Clearing

Fully Qualified Arborists

Whether your land clearing job is large or small, private or commercial; but utilising the services of qualified arborists, you are assured of the finest outcome. Our decades of experience, advanced qualifications and focus on OH&S to keep our staff and your property safe; we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Australia has some of the most strict vegetation clearing laws in the world; trying to navigate clearing vegetation on your own can lead to expensive fines and dangerous consequences; this is why we know that the best outcomes are achieved when working alongside professionals like Outback Tree Service.

Once the required land clearing has taken place; we offer complete clean up services with mulching machinery available to minimise the need to remove excess materials from site.

When To Call The Professionals?

There are many times land clearing will be required. Whether it’s for new building developments, fencing lines, fire breaks, or simply to clear land under permit for grazing; whatever the reason for clearing, we’re experts at working with land holders, helping them to navigate legislation and legal requirements and provide an outcome that keeps all parties happy.

As Dubbo’s most trusted arborists; Outback Tree Service offer everything needed to keep your home or business safe. We have experience in working with local councils, government oganisations, along with private land holders and farmers.